Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa)

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa)

Select an image

Ubuntu is distributed on six types of images described below.

Server install image

The server install image allows you to install Ubuntu permanently on a computer for use as a server. It will not install a graphical user interface.

64-bit ARM (ARMv8/AArch64) server install image

For 64-bit ARMv8 processors and above.

PowerPC64 Little-Endian server install image

For POWER8 Little-Endian computers, such as Power Systems S8xxL/LC Linux-only servers.

IBM System z server install image

For IBM System z series mainframes, such as IBM LinuxONE.

Preinstalled server image

The preinstalled-server image allows you to unpack a preinstalled version of Ubuntu onto a target device.

Raspberry Pi Generic (Hard-Float) preinstalled server image

For modern Raspberry Pi boards (Pi 2, Pi 3 and Pi 4).

Raspberry Pi Generic (64-bit ARM) preinstalled server image

For modern Raspberry Pi boards (Pi 2, Pi 3 and Pi 4).

For ARM hardware for which we do not ship preinstalled images, see ARM/Server/Install for detailed installation information.

A full list of available files, including BitTorrent files, can be found below.

If you need help burning these images to disk, see the Image Burning Guide.

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[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-arm64.iso31-Jul-2020 19:36 880M 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-arm64.iso.torrent06-Aug-2020 17:29 69K 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-arm64.iso.zsync06-Aug-2020 17:29 1.7M 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-arm64.list31-Jul-2020 19:37 3.8K 
[TXT]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-arm64.manifest31-Jul-2020 19:29 15K 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-ppc64el.iso31-Jul-2020 19:37 934M 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-ppc64el.iso.torrent06-Aug-2020 17:29 73K 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-ppc64el.iso.zsync06-Aug-2020 17:29 1.8M 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-ppc64el.list31-Jul-2020 19:37 2.8K 
[TXT]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-ppc64el.manifest31-Jul-2020 19:11 15K 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-s390x.iso31-Jul-2020 19:38 673M 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-s390x.iso.torrent06-Aug-2020 17:29 53K 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-s390x.iso.zsync06-Aug-2020 17:29 1.3M 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-s390x.list31-Jul-2020 19:38 2.3K 
[TXT]ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-s390x.manifest31-Jul-2020 18:38 15K 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-preinstalled-server-arm64+raspi.img.xz31-Jul-2020 18:58 676M 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-preinstalled-server-arm64+raspi.img.xz.zsync06-Aug-2020 17:27 1.3M 
[TXT]ubuntu-20.04.1-preinstalled-server-arm64+raspi.manifest31-Jul-2020 18:58 15K 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-preinstalled-server-armhf+raspi.img.xz31-Jul-2020 19:17 646M 
[   ]ubuntu-20.04.1-preinstalled-server-armhf+raspi.img.xz.zsync06-Aug-2020 17:27 1.3M 
[TXT]ubuntu-20.04.1-preinstalled-server-armhf+raspi.manifest31-Jul-2020 19:17 15K 

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